We started as Undollic, where we made clothes with the purpose to spread pleasure in the world. Even though we were making clothes with a purpose, it wasn't enough—we knew there was more that we can do especially in a matter of sustainability.

With hike we’ve set ourselves the goal to counteract the fast-moving nature of products and the resulting wasteful overproduction, and to find progressive solutions at different levels of the product life cycle.

"We know we’re not perfect yet, but we’re working hard on creating solutions focusing on longevity, timelessness and on extending the product lifecycle."

Our Approach to Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability is based on three core principles:

1) Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

2) Sustainability is about being honest and transparent

3) Push a local lifestyle

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination.

We do not expect ourselves to be perfect in our sustainability efforts. Instead, we recognize that sustainability is an ongoing process of improvement and growth. It's not something you can achieve or check off your list; it's an ongoing process that will keep you thinking and learning about how to live more sustainably every day.

Transparency and Honesty

We know that sustainability is a buzzword. But we're not trying to greenwash—we are completely honest and transparent about our sustainability, because there is no such thing as perfectly sustainable. We try to work with organic cotton and recycled materials only. Sometimes it happens that we discover garments, which doesn't meet these criterias but they convince in their quality, making it sustainable in it's longevity.

Push a local lifestyle

There are a lot of brands out there, which are pushing a lifestyle of going to the sea or taking vaction on the other side of the planet. We set ourself the mission to push a more local lifestyle and encourage people to appreciate the beautiful nature around us.