About Us

Hike is here to push a more conscious way of living, encourage people to take the time for self-reflection, and make them perceive what's happening on our planet. Start deep within yourself, move on to your daily life and be bold enough to face the bigger challenges of the world.

Born Out of Love to Try Things Out

In 2017 in a small bicycle cellar at our parents' place, it was all about trying things out, getting creative, trying, failing, and eventually learning the craft of screen-printing. This DIY spirit cleared the path to found Undollic – back then, a creative playground in the form of an innocent high school project.


With Undollic, we had the opportunity to gain many experiences and achievements. We loved this journey, but every story has two sides: More than five years' experience in the textile industry made us witness the flaws of fashion and consumerism going hand in hand with many other crises we are facing in the world. As a result, we had the urge to rethink the purpose of what we were doing. That is why we aligned our values with our brand and realized not just a comma, but a full stop was necessary.

We are excited to continue our journey as HIKE.


  • Sustainability

    We’ve set ourselves the goal to counteract the fast-moving nature of products that results in wasteful overproduction. We thrive to find progressive solutions at different levels of the product lifecycle, such as printing on demand, only using recycled or organic materials, and focusing on timelessness and longelivity.

  • Consciouness

    Moving through the world's complexity can feel confusing now and then – almost like being stuck in a maze. So find some time for yourself, reflect on your purpose, and go for a hike in nature to clear your mind.  

    We want to encourage our community to be aware of the impact clothing has on one's surroundings and environment. Dare to take a stand against fast fashion and make conscious buying decisions. We want to encourage our community to be aware of the impact clothing has on one’s surroundings and environment.

  • Local Craftmanship

    We promote handcraft as something very valuable and important, especially in a fast moving society, driven by digitization and automatization. From drawings to design, screen prints by hand and photography, we do everything on our own and love to complement our work with local creatives.

Ackerweg Atelier: Where we print and dream

The Ackerweg Atelier is our screen-printing studio. It is our think tank and creative place. It is where we try out new things and make them ready to share with you. From the first draft to the final piece – it all happens here.

"Hike on to a more conscious world and explore what lies beyond the edge of our horizon."

- HIKE 2022